Conservatory Cleaning

You invest a lot of money into your property and a Conservatory is a large financial investment for any household and requires regular care and attention to ensure that they maintain their look. Regular cleaning greatly reduces the need for repairs and maintenance. The accumulation of dirt and grime over time may cause damage such as corrosion, fading and discolouration. Cleaning also protects seals from opening and leaking.

Today’s modern designed Conservatories can be extremely difficult to maintain and it can be difficult to clamber up to those high, hard to reach places. Pure Clean Services use Water Fed Poles with a low pressure soft brush system which cleans and restores the Conservatory efficiently and effectively. This method removes the need to rest ladders on the actual Conservatory itself and means we can reach those difficult to reach areas of the Conservatory roof. We may sometimes use specialist ladders to access the roof, which allows the operative to clean in total safety.

Our specially trained operatives will firstly clean the entire Conservatory from the roof and frame downwards using purified water and then allow it to dry. Next, we will restore the uPVC frames using the finest quality low abrasive uPVC cleaning product to effectively remove traces of algae, moss and environmental pollutants. A uPVC polish is then applied, restoring the Conservatory frame back to its original condition. Finally another pure water rinse is applied and your conservatory is revived back to it’s original colour again, looking like new. If we encounter any need for repairs and replacement to the gutter system, we are fully equipped to carry out the necessary repairs and or replacement as well.

Pure Clean Services can clean all sizes and styles of Conservatories:- Victorian, Edwardian, Regency, Elizabethan, Garden Room, Harmony, Veranda, Harmony, Gull Wing, Lean-to bespoke and many others. A well maintained Conservatory will give you years of trouble free service. Pure Clean Services are specialists in looking after Conservatories and can clean and revive most Conservatories back to their original colour again.

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